Crystal Parussis & Olivia Blais, Toronto – Canada

These former Bffs were once tiiight. Seems tho that Olivia has made changes for the best, graduating uni, startin a company (not working for the concierge club aka under cover floozy agency and working with a legit modelling co.) while they used to party… she’s on the up and up. Crystal tho is still after $$$ and whoever has it, and will send pics to men just to get name brand stuff. She loves pros and will play them for awhile but gets used and abused becuz she is just a dumpster. Been around awhile even tho she’s 24. I know becuz I dated her and she was taking private jets with pro athletes behind my back… all for the insta and status. If you have prpsi she will take it and get so lit she won’t even remember. Partying, getting money, using men and flaunting what she thinks is a sick body to get what she needs. She dm’d a friend of mine not knowing we’re are tight, trying to get shit. Go to school get your priorities straight…

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