Sara St Lewis, Hamilton – Canada

So I’m sure many of you have heard of this nasty sloot ! And I’m here just to clear the facts because I recently seen someone post up something on Snapchat and on Facebook about “a mom who is drinking and pregnant” and the reaction was 5 people thinking it was Sara .. now all do so many people think this ? Lmao ! Because Sara did go out to hess cause I was there that night and she drank at her ex boyfriends launch party ! She was banging 3 dudes before her babydad came out of jail and who knows who she pregnant with lmfao ! She’s a slore and don’t care about no one but herself ! I got a message on Instagram from 2 guys .. it was more of a group chat saying Sara was at the bar and dudes be buying her drinks and she was accepting them she is what 7 months pregnant now ? Wtf are you doing girl ! That’s sick! Your poor child is in danger ! Nobody else wants to say it but it needs to be said Sara stop DRINNKKING WHILE YOUR PREGNANT ITS NOT THE RIGHT THING YOU FILTHY B1TCH !! Sara works at honest lawyer and I was just there about 2 weeks ago and I saw her taking a drink 🤣 or a shot who knows but you need to fix your sh1t b1tch before that child is taken ! Smarten up and wait till your child is born to drink a bottle !! I’ve had over 5 people Ask me if it’s sara why does everyone think it’s her huh ? And why do so many guys claim to have bought her drinks as well smh go home to your mom and kid and stop being a drinking slore boo boo . Bye huns 😉

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