Tirzah Morelle, Ottawa – Canada

Hey guys this girl Tirzah is a full on meth addict I know because we used to smoke meth together but I got my life together and she’s still low key addicted I’m not sure if you guys know this but she’s dating a man older than her father probably only because he full on supports her drug habits and he’s in a pedofile heaven as he’s dating someone who’s just got their period. She posts horrible half naked photos on her Instagram accounts and has a patron so people can pay to see her nuddies. PSA EVERYONE YOURE JUST FEEDING HER DRUG HABBIT. She actually asked me last month if I wanted to give fentanyl a try. Fuking wild. And aside from that everytime she’s high she bleaches her hair she almost has no hair left so she’s resorted to wigs. I’ll attach a picture of her real hair it’s horrible. She’s had 6 abortions and she’s not even into her adult life yet it’s completely horrible. She just had 1 last month and it got infected because she decided not to listen to the doctor and went and had sex before she was healed. Sad though I’m glad she saved those baby’s from a terrible life. Anyways this girl is in serious need of mental help and I’d stay away if I where you. If you want a meth buddy she’s your girl.

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