Merwa Almalike, Surrey – Canada

this right here is the embodiment of a narcissistic slore, shes used up, this waste of oxygen is used to having everything given to her because all she is, is a pretty face and nice fuk other than that everything else about her is sh1t, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or not if you have money that you can spend on her she will spread her legs open. she has over 15+ bodies. she just loves sleeping around hoping that she will find love for the lack of father figure in her life. She has absolutely no REAL friends because no one actually likes her, and talks sh1t behind all of their backs non-stop like shes superior when she has absolutely nothing going on in her life, she graduated with a certificate in HAIR DESIGN and she act’s like a rocket scientist, she doesn’t do ANYTHING, she just exists and uses dads money to drive around and sleep with men. she flex’s daddies cars on Instagram, and buys fake designer clothing. whenever a new guy comes a long she wont hesitate to cheat on her current partner, she cries and complains about why she’s 25 years old and not married when she cant do anything useful, she is not an asset to anyone’s life. 3 of her ex’s told me that they all slept with her on the first handful of dates, one of them she would only fuck if she was drunk. 1 of her “friends” said that shes in this endless cycle of rotating men in her life then she gets bored of them and cheats on them and then points the finger like its their fault, not only that she sends nude pictures to random people online which have been spread throughout her “friend” circle. It only makes sense that she would end up on this website when her best friend also happens to be on this website. she’s a disgusting vile excuse of a human being and I suggest staying away from her, everyone I’ve asked has not had a good experience with her whether it be just friends or partners, shes hypocritical, narcissistic, extremely co-dependent and just downright dirty, she just broke up with her boyfriend a month ago after he found out that she had been cheating on him, and now shes already in another relationship, disgusting.. called it from the start. – L.

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