Diane Bandy – Pennsylvania

Known as diANtinatalist on YouTube, this selfish, attention seeking, cheater tries so hard to be a cougar, but looks ridiculous! 😆 How could anybody find this to be attractive? How can anyone take this screwball seriously?

Diane Bandy is married to a doctor, but spends all of his money on herself. She is one of these as$h0le vegans who thinks that her $hitty, useless, college degree puts her in a higher social class. Diane calls herself a dog rescuer, but in reality, she is a dog hoarder who lives dirty. Her house caught on fire this year, and firefighters reported to the news that the place was a hoarder’s domain. Her poor husband deserves better than this self-serving, loser for a fool around with this broke, bipolar man whom she met online; named, Terry Grigg. This guy lives in a caravan/camper somewhere in Inverness, Scotland. Diane left her doctor husband behind to go fuck a depressed creep who lives in a trailer!

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