Tiffany Wilkes, Ottawa – Canada

Ladies and gents this is Tiffany Wilks beware and stay away from ladies unless you want your man stolen from and get drd’s my best friend used to be friends with this b**** and I kid you not she is all kinds of f***** up when my friend was living in Arnprior she befriended this girl for about two months before she realized how psychotic and how much of an home-wrecking slores she was. In the time that they were friends for 2 months this girl tried to break my friend and her boyfriend of over 3 years now up many time, she also try to invite him over with lies and excuses to try and f*** him to get back at my friend. In this time my friend was living with her boyfriend and a buddy from work and his mom Tiffany ended up f****** my best friend’s roommate and lied about it and then went around and tried to say he raped her what’s even more f***** is that her boyfriend her and her roommates mom we’re on the host that same night that it happened their boyfriend woke up the next morning to wake her roommate up for work and found Tiffany still in his bed half-naked but hey he raped her. No trying to run away no trying to call the cops no screaming but he raped her. What’s even more f***** it’s just three kids all the three different dudes and she doesn’t even know who the father of any of them are. My friend knows 10 people at least at the minimum that she is f***** in the past month in arnprior and renfrew. My friends have cousin was engaged to Tiffany for about five years with two kids and he didn’t find out until the end of the relationship that none of them were even his throw the whole relationship she cheated on him use them for money and even got to your duties and gave it to him. Tiffany still lies to people when my friend goes to try and warn her friends or people she knows about Tiffany and how she will ruin your life she goes in lies and says that she’s crazy and a stalker but here’s a thing my girls had her block since day one this b**** will ruin your relationship trust me she’s still trying to get my girl’s boyfriend in bed she just must be a huge fan. Beware and stay away from biggest hoe ever. She deny everything but my girl still got all messages between tiffany and her, tiffany and her old roommate, tiffany and her bf and tiffany and her old roommate mom, so if she still has messages from tiffany and 4 other people, who really is the liar?? Stay away dont befriend her she will try and fuk your man when you stop being her friend. She also has gotten 2 friends of mine children taken away over fake cause, because they didnt want to be her friend anymore. How fuked is it when someone does that but her kids havent been taken away when she neglects them unless friends are around. Did I mention she use to starve her middle child and do pepsi  at her old house with a mutual friend of mine and my friend, while her middle child would be inside the house screaming and crying!! Stay away ladies she will ruin your life, your relationships and your reputation. Men stay away if you dont want drd’s my boy just fuked her a few weeks back, had to go to the clinic, and now got drds and crabs.

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