LYNN MICKALICH, Toronto – Canada

This dirty girl Lynn Mickalich is on SA for money, cheats on her boyfriend while he’s living in Toronto with married senior citizens,  has free plastic surgery head to toe (compliments of working for a plastic surgeon) and looks like MICHAEL JACKSONS FAT TWIN! Stay away from this girl. All she does is LIE about herself and her life. She texts herself from fake phone numbers complimenting herself, harasses people from fake phone numbers and IG/Twitter accounts, steals photos from other people online and pretends they’re hers, faked an engagement on Instagram with a ring from Clair’s and is a pathological liar. She told people for years that she was a trust fund baby and her parents had a private airplane. Lmao! She is mentally ill and incapable of being a true friend! She will harass and stalk you online for YEARS if she’s jealous of you. She is a jealous and disgusting human being. Poor girls self-esteem is so low she completely reconfigured her face and body but still looks like a fuking HORSE

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