Jessica Trask – Canada

Just a fair warning to stay FAR away from this drama queen. I could use so many words to describe her but the one that keeps coming to my mind is shady! Jessica was engaged to her loving faithful boyfriend of 7 years only to throw it all out the window to brake up a family. This girl will pretend to be your friend and then blow up your life. Or pretend to love you only to use you until something new and shiny comes along. She used her poor ex to pay for everything in her life over 7 years and then just up and left him after he bought her a big ring. She has the intelligence of a bag of rocks and will annoy you to death in less then 2 weeks. She may look tempting but under all her makeup she is just as ugly as her personality. You can lose the weight but we all know you used to be huge! Jessica if your reading this I hope its the reality check you need to be a better person.

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