Since they want to create drama – South Carolina

I debated on posting or not but since some people seem to think I’m obsessed with them, here you go! Misty Ray and Matthew Ruighaver. Ladies, beware of Misty Ray. She asked Matthew out several times behind my back. She also said a lot of things on his Facebook aimed towards me. Matthew claimed he didn’t like her like that. He said she lives with her ex husband and what man would want to be with that? He said he was no way attracted to her but he didn’t mind using her to help him. He played games, lied so much and then discarded. He is a narcissist. And she’s a homewrecker. She disrespects relationships and other women. Beware! There is so much I can say to ruin his reputation since I’ve been blamed of doing that. But I can say if you jump from one serious relationship to another one within a few weeks, you were cheating and already guilty. Misty thinks she has a prize. LOL! A grown man with a boy d*** and immature. He doesn’t raise his own girls because he relies on his mommy to do everything. Yes, you have a true winner there! Please hold on to him and spare the real women from getting involved with this loser. But I’m not jealous, nor obsessed or crazy. I know the facts and all of his dirty secrets. You will one day. Now move along….no one wants anyone that has been around the block more times than they can count.

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