Mimi Lulgjuraj – Michigan

Mimi Lulgjuraj pictured above sleeps around with married men such as Richard Rollins for green Chanel backpacks and ghetto Versace outfits that she makes look extremely cheap. She went to visit Tomas Hill in the Hamptons to see if he would buy her more designer things, but failed. She did succeed in getting poor John Wilberding to take her to Italy because of course Tika cannot do anything she can’t do. She took John into stores like Bottega and other nice shops to see if he would buy her anything, but she was only allowed to try things on. She goes to the Hamptons to f*ck old rich men for $200, and to take photos for Instagram. She takes her daughters (also following in her footsteps) on trips that are funded by old rich men. One in the Hamptons even had to use a penis pump! Her entire face is full of fillers and nothing about her is real. Her hair is always fake and she has the hairline of a balding Count Dracula, and she goes around telling men that it is normal and the standard for girls to have extensions, plastic surgery, fillers, and more. Mimi these men know that’s not true and that you’re extremely dumb. She tells lies to people about herself including that her husband beat her, she’s a doctor, she went to UofM, and that she’s an actress and model. If you take a look at the photo above it is a real photo of Mimi Lulgjuraj, not the ones she edits to put abs and an ass on herself or to make her botched tits and nose look better. Mimi Lulgjuraj Mimi Lulgjuraj Mimi Lulgjuraj

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