Cory J Guenther – Minnesota

Cory J Guenther is a repeat offender of abusing his girlfriends. He has been convicted several times of domestic abuse but he will have some story as to how it wasn’t what it looks like. Trust me, it is exactly what it looks like. Look it up on MN courts access. He is a NARCISSIST 110 percent. He will tell you that his ex girlfriend was crazy and bi polar. No, she was abused and now suffers from complex PTSD from his psychological abuse. 10 years of manipulation, control, gaslighting, belittling, physical, emotional, financial, and psychological abuse is what he gave. He’s a real good talker and a charmer, but that all will fade when he has you right where he wants you. He will disappear for days, not call not text and not give you one bit of truth of his whereabouts when asked. He will flip it on you or he will have an elaborate story. Trust me, he has a porn addiction. He masterbates all the time. He’s extremely good at hiding everything. The master manipulator. But what’s the most disturbing, is that he uses prostiutes or finds whores on sex date sites, AND YOU WILL NEVER EVEN KNOW IT. Cory J Guenther is the master

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