Hussnain “Sayne” Abbas, Montreal – Canada

Check out this low life. All he talks about getting money and stacking chips yet he can’t get morals. This dumb mofo act like he all that and a bad of chips. He ain’t nothing but scum. Watch your daughters, your nieces and any young girl. If he was A MAN, he would date/ talk to WOMEN, not 15 year olds. This gross 22 year old POS drove from Laval to the south shore of montreal to meet and pick up a 15 year old AT HER SCHOOL. IG PEDO. Talk about creepy. dumb mofo wants clout, THIS IS THE CLOUT YOU GON GET. He WISHES he was from montreal, so he puts that in all this bios. Just be honest and say you just laval trash. If he can drive 25+ minutes to meet a little girl, hes very willing and likely done this before and will do again. You ain’t a boss, mr. Abbas. gross. goes by sayne or seyne. or senseiyne on social media

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