Jessie Lee Edwards, Scottsdale – Arizona

Ladies, this man has been married to 2 women at the same time, while engaged to others in Arizona, Nevada, and California. He is a liar, a criminal, and more. If you are looking for him, please don’t contact my daughter. We are sick of it. We want nothing to do with him. Contact his family in Newbury Park, California: Ruth Ann & Michael Baird, Kyle Pacheco or Paul Pacheco in Nevada. Crystal McSorley in Arizona. ALL THIS INFORMAITON IS ONLINE! Report him to the FBI, police, etc. if he has scammed you out of money or cars, stop contacting his first wife! HIS FAMILY KNOWS WHERE HE IS EVEN IF THEY TELL YOU OTHERWISE, HIS PARENTS COVER FOR HIM ALL THE TIME! DON’T BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD HE TELLS YOU! WE JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE – I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU ALL AND WHAT EVER YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. JUST BEWARE

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