Catherine Leslie Saviski – Pennsylvania

What a whore! This bitch straight up was fucking a married man! I heard he is such a loser too! She was running around acting like frank wasn’t the love of her life! He died and you went right into the arms of a married man that is a known drunk & abusive fuck! Frank is prob rolling in his grave by now! Funny part is she is running around acting like he isn’t using her money for shit! Only a matter of time bitch! Frankie is def watching this & I m sure u will get yours he will he spending your money on male prostitution & dating whores just like u behind your back eventually ! It’s all fun now but just wait until the flip happens! He has a criminal record! Met him where in jersey and he still married someone else! 😆 u cathy Leslie are a whore just like in high school ! He is nasty as u are tho! He looks about 70! & bitch take out those hideous extensions they are horrible! U are so gross spreading legs & herpes to the entire state of PA & Delaware now I hear! Frank deserves so much better! God at least he died and didn’t have to deal with u cheating like the whore u have been last few years! I wish your sons knew what a loser your fucking too! It’s disgusting & all lies! U will have the proof u need soon!

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