Vicky Vitoria Romeo – New York

Vittoria was a married Italian beaut . A true milf we started as friends when we worked together at a certain store on richmond rd . She comes off very sweet at first but then has bi polar moments venting and berating her two sons and her alien looking husband who got apparently beat up on a bridge and broke his hand. She used to love telling me this stuff . I figured it was just friendship but then after a little gathering we got tipsy and one thing lead to another and kappow. She made fun of her sons often and praised her daughter. Her husband was a wanna-be mobster but literally had zero connections. Just a gay brother I think she said. What a champ. Anyhow she led me on to think she’d be single and we can date guess not she up and moved. Wish the beautyful gal the best. Bye vR.

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