Krenar Suka – New York

Krenar Ackmed Suka is a wannabe Italian gangster. Chubby kid watched too many movies. He also sends pics of OTHER men’s big ding dongs to girls saying it is his LOL. I used to date him a year back on the low while he was dating someone else too . His tiny 4 inch chode did nothing for me . Only outting him because when he drank he’d tell me how he would be the first “made member” of an Italian crime organization with some midget loser Joe Amato and his dad . What a joke. Newsflash it isn’t 1947 anymore champ and you’re brown. He used to beat me out of roid rage a lot meanwhile when he used to hangout with this kid tony years ago I heard he ran from a fight at a bar in Brooklyn. Dj Khalid lookin dork. Thanks for giving me somethin you abusive block head . The roids aren’t helping either your still shaped like a fat lezbo!!!

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