Im tired of this self righteous woman and all her BS. She cries for pity and compassion for what has happened to her in the past. In reality this woman is as guilty of everything that she cries about. She claims about her ex-husband’s infidelity but she has no problem being the other woman and damaging other relationships. To me, it seems that she is taking her revenge for what has happened to her in the past. This woman, who I have always given a shoulder to cry on,whether about her abusive parents or the hatred she has for her siblings. She is now having sexual encounters with my husband. I feel betrayed more than anything because I gave her comfort when she needed it the most. She is on the path of self destruction. Her behavior, her rants, her lack of reason and her obvious disregard is setting her up for failure. Until she finds healing through therapy, she won’t stop harping on the past as an excuse to harm people around her. Whether through work or your family’s recreational activities be warned and careful with her your husband or man could be a target!

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