Diane Bandy aka diANtinatalist – Pennsylvania

Diane is married to a doctor. While her husband is out all day working, you will find this egotistical tramp at the mall, spending the money he makes, lavishing on herself. Diane Bandy claims to be a selfless dog rescuer, but doesn’t spend as much time for her noble cause as she has others believing. This much older woman is a barfly who is often seen in bars with a margarita in her hand, flirting with men! She is usually all dressed and painted up, whoring around and running the roads, while her husband works. Diane Bandy makes lame videos of herself, on YouTube, under the names: Childfree diANe and diANtinatalist. Her videos are usually about the same old bulIshit topic: “Why parents are selfish and why humans need to stop breeding.” This woman has no room to talk about anybody being selfish, with all the time she spends on herself, traveling, pampering herself and having sex with other men.

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