Casey Hendry, San Diego – California

Casey Hendry, what to say, what to say there’s just so much about this pile of sh1t human. Not only did she have an affair on her husband of 19 years for months with another TAKEN man. That taken man happens to have a baby on the way with my girl! When she finally got caught she tried to play it off until she fessed up and apologized crying “I’m not that type of girl”. Yet she continues to text him, snapchat like no one can see it (lmao), and add him on social media even though he won’t follow her back. She’s out telling people they are together and has even gone so low to try and get to his family members to make matters worse. For a woman who has kids of her own including a daughter, she is the true definition of a scum bag SLORE. To ruin another woman family with a baby on the way, cause she’s sad lonely and desperate! One of the worst role models we have ever come across. Those over plucked eyebrows, sh1tty roots, and blown out p***y will never be hidden under those filters girl! She’s the definition of DIRTY y’all!!

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