Allie Trezza – New York

Alexandra Trezza of the dolphin intoxx gym made my BF cheat. She’s a little girl who acts older and lies about her age. Don’t get it twisted hunny you’re 23 and a gym protein shake maker. She manipulated my bf of 6 years whom is 12 years her elder into dates and sent him multiple nudes. Some girl Megan or Morgan told my sister she flirts and fcks all the guys that go to that gym she works at obsessively and also has a horrible rep for her attitude. Poor girl. Needing love in all the wrong places . Do NOT go to that Intoxx. Allie is a sneaky skeetball and a crappy weightlifter to add on. “Allie Legs” claims to have bfs but my brother sees her on bumble constantly acting all mature and Coy. She is NOT. She also gave my friend nick gonorhea. Good job

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