Megan Dechant, Kansas – Missouri

By chance, I recently learned that the entire time I was dating Megan during the Summer of ’17 she was going behind my back and screwing Mr. Lasley here, a wanna be realtor in KC. (And undoubtedly others) As a grown, middle aged man, I’m not naïve enough to believe that middle aged women aren’t capable of lying and cheating just like a man. However, if you would have heard how many times this lying, cheating b1tch cried and complained that her Ex was trying to ruin her life as well as her “good name” by posting everywhere what a no good, cheating homewrecker she was, and constantly taking her to court, you would have been surprised too. She definitely enjoyed all of the drama and attention she got from playing the so called victim. As lame and below average as she was in bed, along with how well she played the victim, the last thing I expected to learn was that she was a lying cheater. Although looking back, she did have a rather large gapping meat pocket. I have since read the many things out there about her and have actually spoken to a couple of people involved in the situation and I must admit, I am counting my lucky stars that I didn’t invest too much time or money into this lying, cheating slore. From what I understand, it could have been much worse than Pizza Hut and lame sex. It just goes to show you that no matter how much wisdom we believe we have acquired in our life, we can still be blinded by a pretty face and a BS sob story. My advice for whomever ends up with this cheating whore in the future, get checked on a regular basis and keep a close eye on your wallet!

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