Malia Perez , Chicago – Illinois

Somebody get Malia butter for those side rolls. This girl is so obnoxious, annoying, fake and desperate for attention. She has to apply at least one gallon of paint to her face to look half way decent. She’s such a fake Instagram poser. Malia got kicked out of school for harassing a girl who Malia’s friend sexually assaulted at a party. How messed up is that? Why would they hire someone like that to be bottle server/party host? How do you get hired to work a party, when you got kicked out of school for harassing a girl at a party? Why do they make these people popular? Why do bars hire people based on amount of Instagram followers, when followers can be bought on an app?? Shouldn’t they be hired based on skill an experience? Or maybe get hired based off looks, but all I see is fakeness and side rolls.

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