Linzi Pittman, San Antonio – Texas

This Texas lady (if you can call her that) is from Gatesville but resides in the San Antonio/Spring Branch area. If it’s not bad enough that she chased my husband she had one of her own at the time too. Told everyone that she was separated but come to find out was still living together and even attending family functions and holidays together. Hadn’t even filed for a divorce and was attending concerts, mutual friend gatherings and bars. Staying in hotels with married men and refusing to cease contact with mine and other other women’s men. Her poor husband even confronted her at a concert and asked her to come home and wait until she was divorced or try and work on her marriage. She masquerades as a sweet innocent Texas girl but when confronted she lies and refuses to stop contact unless you block her through your cell service. Her dad is a Killeen firefighter and her mom is a hair stylist, seem like good people it’s too bad their daughter doesn’t share the same values. She pretends to be a good mom to her little boy, but what are you teaching him about women when you hoe around with other men while you’re still married and try to wreck everyone’s homes including your own.

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