Ella Tesoro – Canada

According to the Miss Filipina International FB page, “It is with great regret that we announce that due to serious violations of company policy, the Miss Filipina International 2019 crown awarded to Ella Tesoro has been revoked. We wish Ella nothing but the best in her future endeavors.” Pageant officials must have gotten wind of a Reddit post by “Funyou884” days after the pageant exposing Miss Filipina stripper and immediately stripped her of the crown. Ella Tesoro or her real full name Ruela Patricia Tesoro has been a stripper at Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club (as seen in the above promo photo for Cheetahs with the dark background) and a round girl at Cafe 168 in Santa Ana. As a round girl at Cafe 168, Ella would refill tea to patrons’ cups every 15-30min while being fully nude and gather tips from patrons. She would also provide $5 lap dances at Cafe 168 as well. It is quite disheartening and shameful to see a young, beautiful, bright, natural woman resort to these low-class belittling services for fast easy money, and Insta-fame and attention. She is just one of the countless victims that have fallen prey to the disillusionment, superficiality, and materialism of the LaLa Fantasyland that’s so pervasive in SoCal. As Miss Filipina International, she would have represented various notable brand names and sponsors, as well as being a Global Ambassador for the Filipino community and culture, which would have presented her many opportunities and opened many doors. Unfortunately, her lack of hindsight/foresight, reasoning, judgement, character, and morals cost her the crown and she has no one but herself to blame for the consequences of her actions. I suppose she failed to read the linear notes of her pageant contract of NO nude work, but went ahead and entered the Miss Filipina International pageant anyways for the instant recognition and fame, relying on her beauty and model walk to win the crown, which she did, but with utter disregard of her shady nude work. I hope her family is proud with a side of total disappointment that their treasure of a daughter/sister moonlights as a stripper and coffee shop girl instead of a nurse as she proclaims to be, as well as hooking up with sleazy photographers for model-like photoshoots. In closing, I hope this Dirty post serves as a benchmark for future pageant officials of the bad stigma associated with Ella Tesoro’s Dirty past. Oh and another award Ella Tesoro should have been given that pageant night would be “Best Walk in High Heels” for her exceptional and experienced walk in high heels as a stripper for Cheetahs and Cafe 168! haha

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