Veronica Vee, Winnipeg – Canada

this idiot has to be put on a blast already. Her posts are sickening and to top it off she thinks she’s better than everybody else. She does nothing but belittle other females because she thinks she has it all going for her yet she complains about her mental health and how she’s so “hardcore”. She’s a model for some f****** Petty photographers in Winnipeg so she thinks she’s all that, but really she’s ugly in person filters the s*** out of her pics like welcome to the dark hair blue-eyed club. (Every other Chik in wpg). And NO this is far from a jealous post, my friend. Ya you have fake tits, when really you should have done something with your teeth instead. You think you’re hotter than everyone .You act professional with your photos but yet you’re just a complete slob, ain’t fooling anybody haha. What’s even more annoying, you have an opinion about absolutely everything it’s just sickening already. And it’s time you settle down by hitting up other girls boyfriends, when you sit an take Jim back every 8months. Poor guy deserves so much better , than your huge hot dog hole that half the city has stuck it in. Your gross. Lol everyone talks about you behind your back even people you would consider friends. Can’t wait till she cries on FB about this. Attention seeking h0e! Good ol’ Veronica. Smh

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