Luke Gallows, Atlanta – Georgia

I met WWE star Luke Gallows AKA Andrew Hankinson in February of 2019 in Vancouver through Tinder. We caught up had a great chat. I didn’t even sleep with him to see if he was interested. We stayed in contact and spoke for months till we decided to catch up in Singapore as he was touring there. One of his friends was telling me he was showing photos of me and talking about me so I was happy that I thihght he was intersted, We did sleep together that night. Pretty much the next day I hardly heard from him and only saw him for 2 minutes when we had bumped into him at the mall. I was dissapointed because I had made such an effort to travel from Australia to Singapore only to be pretty much ghosted. He got my tickets to the show and I let it go. Andrew said he was keen to catch up again but when he got back to the states I hardly heard from him. I confronted him about it and finally he gave me an answer saying he was too busy for ANY type of relationship. He blocked me for a week, unblocked me to say sorry he had a lot going on at work and home. That was the day the Chasing Glory podcast came out. There was a part in the podcast where his tag partner jokes to him about being on the longest single streak and he interrupts saying I’m off the single streak. That rang alarm bells in my head, i searched his social media and found a woman who was in some of his pics, looked on her facebook to see 3 days after he had told me he wasn’t interested in any type of relationship he had started a relationship with this lady. But he still continued to contact me. I was furious I told her and showed her screenshots and he gave a pretty lame excuse he didn’t know he was still on tinder. They got matching tattoos after a month. Looks likes she doesn’t trust him already. He should of remburst me for my trip for Singapore for wasting my time and money because I went all the way there under false pretenses. Just be honest and be more smarter if your going to have multiple women. Even his ex wife had the same issue

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