Brea Rose Boolos, Pensacola – Florida

This is Brea Boolos, as you can see in the picture she is drinking codeine cough syrup. This isnt the only thing she does. She does Pepsi at work, smokes all day and even sells wax out of her car. Nepotism got her the job in the first place, as she cant finance anything because she is as dumb as a rock. Brea Rose Boolos shores herself out at the beach and downtown to get clients to come and buy cars from her. Shes cheated on multiple boyfriends, including Dylan. She had to take him to the hospital one day because he is a bitxh boy and was complaining that she was stuck with him because he wouldn’t let her leave, but left for drugs. She also manipulated people for her oxycodone addiction. She is as bad as they come

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