Phil Giove Staten – New York

Philip aka (self titled ) “filipo “ Giove of Staten Island is a freak. This kid told me I was his GF when he had about 2 Others. He’s a short little steroidal Italian tanned out tranny from Staten Island. He is a danger to society women and girls of all ages. Back in 2008 we all witnessed him fingr his own sister Angela at a house party for money in princes bay . Then makeout with his homoPal Philly Greenfield. This kid dropped out of high school after being beat up constantly and pursued pizzeria life for his dad (who was shot in the butt by the mob for being a wanna be made man tough guy). He then proceeded a year ago to send his TINY skinny peen to my friends baby sister who is 15 on Instagram. Mind you Phil is 28. How kind of him. Please god I am helping everyone by saying STAY CLEAR of this chlamydia riddled manchild. He is appalling. Phil Giove is a menace

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