Evanthia Siozios “Eva” – New York

Eva the little Greek 22 year old at PH gym in Staten Island NY plays the little daddy’s girl role. I used to work there at the front desk and did powerlifting for a bit. She used to tel me “she was a Virgin “ and she really liked me etc and made me believe I liked her too. She blewme in the parking lot multiple times and finally I got the cookie. Hairiest smelliest gash I ever seen. But it was decent . Her brother Angelo is a crack addict who lies about being a lawyer and deals drugs from behind the desk. The gym Powerhouse their dad owns is a shythole. The ceiling in the bathroom fell on my friend, the weights break off, the weights are covered in lead paint and rust it’s disgusting. This girl acts like she’s the bees knees on todthill but lives in a half decent craphole in the south shore. Her mom also cheated onthedad with this guy craig multiple times . Limber nymph she is. The only good person is the fat red head son other than then they’re nuts. Eva is simply a liar and a butanaaaaaa. That is all. God bless

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