Kara Ihrig – Canada

I’m posting this to warn anyone NOT to live with this Kara Ihrig if she ever posts on here looking for a roommate. She is a professional scammer! I subleased from her for 6 months in Long Beach and there were so many issues including her telling me I had to move out 3 months early because she came back from her travels and needed a place to stay, she entered my apartment without notice multiple times while I was living there to do god knows what and left the front door unlocked when she left and refused to pay me back my security deposit despite that the building informed me she received the entire deposit back from them. I have been notified that this 24 year old girl has been doing this to people for the past 4 years and hasn’t been able to keep a roommate for even a year. PLEASE I’m warning everyone do not live with this girl and avoid her at all costs!!! She claims to be all holy and religious and posts pictures being baptized at church last year, but she is nothing but a liar and professional scammer and liar

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