George Kalaitzis – Massachusetts

What a loser, 58 yrs old, married, Cheating Creep. His wife financially supports him 100%, while he spends her money on hookers at the casino, or to support his drug addiction. He will tell any lie in order to serve his low life needs. At first I thought he was a decent guy then soon after the first date, he became so desperate & stalked me, called & threatened my daughters father. He picked up my 16 year old daughter on her way home from school & drugged & molested her while she was passed out. Me & my daughter had to move towns & get a restraining order to stop him from harassing us. He acts like the good guy, but trust me ladies, he’s no good, I feel bad for his wife. I pray she kicks him out, and refuse to pay his bills. Most likely she is living in fear, while George cheats, & steals her money. Lazy Loser, Doesn’t deserve any women. Be a man, get a job, Mr. Kalaitzis.

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