Lane Vacanti – Nebraska

See this good looking guy? Don’t be fooled. This guy takes the championship belt of cheater of the year. After being married to his wife, a girl who left her country to be with him and took care of him after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he cheats on her multiple times with fat, desperate women with children who were easy. His excuse was that everytime he did it was because he was mad at his wife and looked for comfort between the legs of fat lonely women that he didn’t even have to try hard and also using the fact he has MS as an excuse. After almost a decade of marriage he cheated with a co-worker who’s almost in her 50s, obese and breaking once and for all a marriage that his wife fought to keep alive and on top pressuring her into having kids. Lied to her and left one day saying he needed space while he was out sleeping around and doing drugs with his co-worker NORA LOPEZ/RODRIGUEZ. Using even the workplace as a spot to hook up. WATCH OUT for LANE VACANTI, this guy may seem nice but when it comes to be in a relationship approach with caution because you might be the next whose live he will destroy.

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