Ashleigh Marchese – New York

My old FB Ashleigh marchese is an absolute psycho . I’m younger than her too and she tried hiding me from people for awhile just because my age but if ya saw me you’d think I was older. She constantly brings up exes from years ago yet tries to compare and tell you tht you’re “different” meanwhile she does this often. I’m a good friend of two of her exes and they said the same thing this kid dwells on the past and still attempts to reach out to them on the side anyway. She also constantly talks horribly bout her best friend I’ll just initial her MB all the fcken time . Constantly posts about people in her life that are sick just to gain attention when she’s lonely . Talks about “thots” when she posts half nude provocative photos. Was doin me while she was doing some low life cop the whole time and I think she has something too because well…. I’d know. Thanks a lot. Stop with the sob stories and dramatic posts you’re 25 now time to move on kiddo. Spoiled rich girl move out already

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