Lauren Jade Lin, Las Vegas – Nevada

This is Lauren Lin, buck tooth filter queen. Don’t let this chick fool anyone, biggest fake on IG. Her singing sucks, so does she, and she has the body of a 10 year old boy. All her pictures are super filtered, photo-shopped , typical fake contact lenses, and uses wears tons of make up on her tranny looking face. Not only that, she hit up a few of the homies on IG and ends up getting dumped cause she’s ugly as hell the next morning. Listen guys, watch out for this thirsty catfish. I had to unfollow and block this b* recently cause its false advertising and she still stalked me. This buck tooth b* left tons of cheap makeup on my sheets and then has the nerve to hit up a few of my boys to get back at me. Stay away from @laurenjadelin

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