Sharyn Ruggiero – New York

Sharyn Ruggiero is an evil abusive, pathological liar, and serial cheater on todthill rdddd in New York. She is married to a very nice handsome hard working traditional Italian gentleman who supports her as she does nothing all day. Today is July of 2019 and she is on bumble under an anonymous name but ended up entrusting me telling me her name was sharyn then faking a last name but she had accidentally texted me from her iPad and her full name and area came up. She lives very close to me and my uncle knows her husband . I am much younger than her so she is also a mega cougar. Believe she is 44 or that is why she told me . We went out and she claimed she never did this before or ever seen another man since before marriage. I find that hard to believe as I am NO model of any sort. I’m endowed but I am not a looker haha just an average Italian man in my late 20s. She makes a sob story about her husband being cruel or hitting her and all this nonsense meanwhile she sits on a cushy manshion across from a golf course. She is

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