Nicole Marie Cook, Denver – Colorado

Okay D.A, I’m surprised I haven’t scrolled past this sack of insanity on this page before! I thought it’s time she got her little light. Nicole Cook (aka Nikki Marie, aka Nicole Marina) from North Denver… This clinically insane, gaping, shrewd, squishy, white girl ghetto, broke a55, lying, lazy, cheating, selfish, vain, squawking, screeching, ball of cheap a55 makeup and self loathing really does exist. This d1ck-nugget is only about 4’3″ and filled with goo to about 210 pounds. Imagine that! Somehow, literally SOMEHOW she’s learned how to decorate her snout and found the ONE angle that hides the jelly gut full of lies, shame and bad parenting. Her voice is shrill, hey phone is ALWAYS 2 inches from her face obsessively scrolling social media for any whiff of SOMETHING to do with her. She “loves” that Mexi-d1ck, no matter if he wifed up or not, fuking home-wrecking b1tch. She talks to them knowing they have girlfriends and no remorse! She also likes them baby d1cks… She’s like that pyscho b1tch from The Orphan…Making new profiles every month cause so many people wanna show that girl what the real world is. Can’t keep a job, always fuking broke, can’t throw away any piece of garbage, just collects it all and probably sits in it when no one is around, fuking dirty little hamster. Honest guys, out of ALL the movies, tv, books, magazines, stories, encounters, rumors, etc etc I’ve EVER heard in my life….. NOTHING curdles my stomach and raises my blood pressure more than this DISGUSTING individual. Nicole, you are ugly inside and out, no amount of good vibe memes or expensive makeup or filters will EVER be able to hide that. You know it, and I know it, and hopefully now, Denver knows it. Fuk you, nasty, gaping guppie. You’re worthless!

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