Osmany Caro, Miami -Florida

This is Osmany Caro, one of the biggest fuk boy in dade county Miami and just like his thieving sister roxy he has no balls. A pu**y a** coward. This coward tried to get crazy through text messages making threats, but when told to stop flapping his gums over the phone & meet up to throw down like a man. The coward in him came out real quick & like a dog he quickly put his tail between his legs & ran the other way. Dude was talking so much smack trying to play the big brother role for his ratchet lying sister that lies about being abused while she fraudently stole thousands of dollars from a house not belonging to her. Osmany caro even went as far as talking smack about gay people not knowing his own sister Roxana Caro is a bi sexual wh*re. who loves having threesomes & sex with strippers and chicks from backpage. You don’t have to take my word for it ask her friend roman who also had a few threesomes with her. At one point Roxana Caro stated roman pimped her out on craiglist cause she was so desperate for money after her married boyfriend carlos menendez got her fired from her job at a title company for committing fraud for him. Then carlos disappeared on her for a year when he thought she would get arrested. leaving her scared, helpless and broke with no money or job which shortly after her honda pilot was repo. “Lol i can’t make this crap up.” Just as Osmany Caro didnt know his sister Roxana Caro was screwing his boss and neighboor luis, while knowing the man was living with his girlfriend. Roxana caro has no shame, sleeps around with whomever, whenever. However very low key with all her mess & drama. Just as her family doesn’t know she’s been pregant several times by several different men, including married men. She Lies, steals constantly. Osmany’s wife or should i now say ex wife cheated on him while pregnant with his daughter and that’s if it’s really his daughter which was a big everyday family discussion behind his back when he wasn’t around at the time of their temporary breakup.Cause that’s what his family does best talk crap behind each others back, but then act like their so close & their sh*t don’t stank & lets not forget the jealously & envy towards each other. It could be a small thing like a new car and that itself brings sh*t talking behind each others back. Maybe it’s all that white powder he puts up his nose that makes him such a punk & hater, that’s probably why the same sister he was trying to protect use to call his wife and her family pure cuban trash & also calls him a loser that only calls her and his other sister vero when he needs money & how he can’t hold a job & always living off of mommy & constantly bumping heads with daddy. I guess his now ex wife finally got tired of his mr know it all attitude or perhaps she cheated on his bi*ch a55 once again. Either way however, whatever that’s what he gets for talking crap about the next man. Them tables can turn real quick sometimes BROTHER!! lmfao. But hey sh*t happens young blood. We live and learn. The good thing is he had nothing to lose with his divorce cause he’s a broke bum like his sister with nothing of her own so she had to steal it. another good thing is his ex wife & her family doesn’t alienate & vindictivly keeps his kids from him like his sister & her family does to her child’s father. This caro family aint better than anyone else. They’re just morally lower than most. They don’t honor agreements made and they lie to steal other people’s house and money then tell more lies to play the victim and cover up the truth. So anyone especially a new wife or girlfriend to Osmany Caro this is a warning don’t trust them, don’t let them know too much about your business cause they will be jealous ,envious, lie, steal from you all while talking crap behind your back as if you’re the bad person & they’re the victim. This is one sneaky shady a** family. Especially the sister Roxana Caro who pretends to be shy, quiet & innocent.

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