Lauren Elliott – Michigan

Oh boy. If you are related to this woman, please take control of her social media. She reposts anything she sees—including fake click-bait that lead to movie trailers—believing that the headlines are real and obsessing over them. She doesn’t have a job, yet hates and rants against Democrats for their compassion towards the uneducated/unemployed. She has a highschool education, but believes she knows more than an Ivy-educated law school graduate when it comes to public policy and marijuana legalization. If she is mentally challenged, I digress. If you are her friend or acquaintance, find a gentle way to confront her about her sanity. While you’re at it, give her a brief history of gun laws/ALL controlled substances, a brief 3rd grade spelling/grammar lesson, when one should and should not capitalize words, and what “due diligence” means. The latter might be a challenge. Lauren,

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