Casey Logan, British Columbia – Canada

Casey fuked with the wrong people and its now time for her to get her time in the spotlight. Casey is a hoe b1tch that works to make others lives miserable while using other men and women to make herself feel good. She is a narcissistic b1tch who lies about going to university and as of today does not have a college degree but lies that she does, and got impregnanted by her bf (somehow now husband) so she can do sh1t all at home all day. She sells drugs out of her family home and used to her pepsi off the toilets at 9one9, bragging about it to anyone who will listen. She would date multiple men at a time (including her current husband), an even dated her old roommates boyfriend because she “wanted to prove she could take what was hers”. She also would dump you, whether friend or man, at a moments notice and would act like nothing happened. She is the person who will rip your life apart if it suits her scheule, and it’s about time this chick got noticed. Say hello to Casey Logan, Vancouver Island’s biggest slore! B1tch, you have your karma now. Get fuked

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