Nina Anne Morris, Winnipeg – Canada

Here we have Nina Anne Morris from Winnipeg. This girl wants status and fame so much, I figure it’s totally appropriate to give her her 15 minutes. She’s a permanent fixture every weekend at Teo’s, 441 Main and every other club in the city where there’s any guy with money and status willing to pay her way. She’s your typical basic blonde trash. Mean, arrogant, a bully and willing to spread her legs for any guy who she thinks will make her look good or give her a little status. She can be seen with a different guy every Friday and Saturday night ranging from Blue Bomber’s players to fizzled out wannabe reality tv stars from Big Brother Canada. This girl needs a new hairdresser because I think all that bleach is getting to her brain and I can smell the bleached straw on her head from here. She also needs to take some lessons on how to walk. Girllll, sticking your butt out when you walk doesn’t make it any bigger, just makes you look basic and ridiculous. She’s one of those girls that preaches kindness and positivity yet only accepts followers that are somebody well known and look good. She thinks she’s the hottest girl in Winnipeg but girl maybe you need a new mirror cause you’re as basic as they come. Your wannabe modelling career ain’t going anywhere. Trying getting an education and stop living off men. Instead of preaching kindness try being a half decent person and not a nasty bully. You aren’t anything special. Just another basic Winnipeg blonde status seeking nobody. You want your 15 minutes so bad, here it is sweetheart. Soak it up and then enjoy going back to being nothing more than an irrelevant reason to gossip.

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