Serina Sanders, Winnipeg – Canada

What isn’t the gossip about Serina  sanders.. 1. Your not hot. 2. Guys just wanna bang you. 3. Gain some respect 4. Everyone is talking about you….You need to bring it down a notch, An be a mother, be a role model for your girls. We get it you left your 2nd babys dad and cheated on him, while doing trades for things… Don’t even have to explain this chick. She’ll do whatever, whenever she needs her fix. Your not fooling anyone by far, you need to keep your legs closed and stop seeking attention. It’s not pretty, at all. Do us all a favour and stop posting f*cking snap chat pictures, you look nothing like your photos. Your a catfish. You almost had one of your girls taken away due to a certain substance.. And now your trying to make that happen with the other. Stop pawning your kids off so you can go have fun with random dudes. You can do better… I suggest start before it’s to late in every aspect of yours an your girls life. Selfish durty h0e. Had one of the best guys in your life an just used him.

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