Harkirat/Harki Dhillon, Calgary – Canada

This girl I tell you has been with so many guys in Calgary. No one wanted to be with her. Now that she is dating that fudu manjit phagura she thinks she’s all that. He’s not even a jatt she’s disgracing her family by bringing home someone not even from her own caste. She is so desperate because she knows she won’t get another guy that she rushed into this rokh. Be careful man you may catch something like an DRD. She also talked to my bf when she knew he was seeing me. Her bf is still talking to several girls. These two have the biggest issues yet still think they’re all that when they clearly have nothing. Show off know it all b1tch you saw this coming stop like look at her face in this pic shows you everything. Get a reality check you’re nothing special and karma will get you.

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