Danielle White, Ontario – Canada

meet Danielle white. Or as we have come to call her SLOPPY D’S. This girl is in serious need of a wake up call. I’m not sure if it’s just serious self esteem issues or if she is trying to break the record for sleeping with the most guys in a lifetime lol. I go to the bar all the time after work to wind down or let loose with the boys and this girl is always there….no matter what bar I go to. she makes her rounds approaching every table and group of guys dangling herself out to anyone willing to take a bite. She’s been with 7 of my boys that I know of! She would probably succeed more if she wasn’t such a hot mess! I’ve seen her pull into the bar parking lot, go to her trunk and just start drowning 26ers of vodka. There must have been 7 – 10 bottles in there. Dumb as a door knob too…if there was a real life face for every dumb, slutty blond joke ever done…it would be her. I heard she has a boyfriend too…lmao, he’s one lucky guy! Guys, if you live in the St. Catherine’s area and your looking to slum it, pic a bar take a seat and Danielle will be by soon. When she comes to you and start working her hot mess Express on you…just smile act like she just said something that actually made sense and she is yours. Might want to double wrap this one though. Enjoy!

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