Danielle Vaughan, British Columbia – Canada

So hear we have it folks. This is kelownas very own… Or should I say Edmontons very own Danielle Vaughn. She got ran out of Edmonton for being a greasy hoe and now resides in ktown.. This girl is the biggest low key hoe in town. She recently broke up with her boyfriend Dan Lehmann, and she didn’t waste any time before she was fuking some of her male clients. She fuked my buddy Tyson and another buddy of mine in the same week. Meanwhile crying and complaining about her ex… Well now boyfriend again. About how he sucks in bed and the only thing he does is slap, and choke her and call her a sloot. She’s fuked everyone from Ryan Hartman, to que, to every bar star in kelowna. My buddy said he got drd after fuking her. She complains about how she hates Dan and his family, they are “a55hole Russians”… but he pays for her bills and car payment so she can’t dump him or she’d be riding the bus and sucking d#ck for bus fare… .

I mean… It’s a nice new range rover. She’s the definition of cancer. She sucks every guy dry financially that she’s with while fuking every other guy behind their back. She pretended to be friends with Anita meanwhile fuking her bf behind her back too. Funny that this girl talks To guys behind Dan’s back and plays it off like it’s just work… Oh its work alright. She’s working their d#ck.. If Dan went broke tomorrow she’d dump his a55. Trust me… She has backups she talks to Currently… Sorry buddy… But while you were on a break…

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