Lauren Rawls And Brad Rowe, Charleston – South Carolina

Met working at MUSC – he’s a nurse, was married with kids. She was an aide who knew he was married with kids, but thought (and still thinks) she could manage to get away with her “sweet, innocent Christian” act – even though multiple sources say she had already tried to lure two different MUSC doctors away from their wives and families. (Evidently when she was unsuccessful she had to settle for a nurse.) He knocked her up within about a month, but didn’t tell anyone – not even his other children – until her pregnancy was exposed about 2 months before the kid was born. Because he is a complete POS, he had her mom as his “character witness” when the divorce from his wife was finalized in court! Now they’re “happily” married following a courthouse ceremony no one attended but their witness (probably her mom again, b/c he has no friends and no one else wanted to attend the wedding that even they were too ashamed to announce or celebrate). Word around town is he’s now cheating on her already. She presents herself as a “wife and mommy” who loves Jesus.

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