Justin VanBogart , Charleston – South Carolina

Justin VanBogart claims to have 6 “luxury” vessels docked at a “marina” in Charleston South Carolina for rent on Airbnb! Absolutely do not fall for this scam. The pictures placed on Airbnb are photoshopped and are beyond misleading of the vessels. The pictures posted give the vessels much more ambiance than what you will find upon arrival. We were greeted with a VERY outdated vessel. Not to mention upon opening the door (that remains unlocked) we were blasted with what smelled like a mixture of wasp spray and Diesel fumes. We immediately went to the store and purchased air refreshers hoping to neutralize the odor; however, the smell did NOT dissipate. After contemplating how we could deal with the smell overnight we decided to contact Justin himself about our concerns. Ironically he was unable to be reached. After no response we decided to pack up our belongings and leave. Just from the short amount of time inside the vessel all of our clothing had to be washed in order to get the smell out & I certainly wish we could have done the same for our lungs. This is a huge health and safety concern that should have been addressed before allowing anyone to reserve. COMPLETELY NOT worth the money. This was a less than desirable experience and I’m creating this post to save others from having to deal with the BS I am currently dealing with in order to receive a full refund of $1000.

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