Ray Griggs – Nebraska

The boatman at Creighton “Omaha” is a cheater. He was engaged for 1.5 years and in the relationship for 4 years. He stated that he treats our engagement like he will our marriage “for better or for worse”.
He ended out 4 years together via email and still is to cowardly to face me or talk to me about any of it. Is this how a gentleman behaves? What a great role model. He thinks it is okay to treat woman like chess pieces. Charming with his roses isn’t he?
He had some nerve taking me to his “mistress’s” birthday party claiming he was networking to find a realtor to help us find a home. She is a realtor. He also went to a baseball game with her on Mothers day when he was supposed to be at Mothers day celebration with me..He was late stating that “being late was not avoidable. I asked him no questions I trusted him completely.

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