Janna Bullock, Manhattan – New York

This is Janna Bullock. She’s a wealthy socialite in New York City who was convicted of embezzling $200 million in Russia. Her ex husband Alexey Kruznetsov was recently extradited to Russia and pleaded guilty to stealing the money along with Janna. It’s just a matter of time before she’s arrested herself. She is a fraud, liar, scammer, and all around despicable person. She acts like she worked her way up the ladder, but in reality all of her wealth was stolen. She has two scamming daughters – Zoe Bullock and Eugenia Bullock, on the loose in New York City. The entire family is corrupt to the core, sees the same bad plastic surgeon, and can’t be trusted. It’s why all of them have been divorced several times…all cheaters. It would be great if they’d try to make an honest go at life, but everyone knows who they truly are…ugly, liars and scammers.

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