James Wright in Glen Burnie – Maryland

Biggest player EVER!! James Wright in Glen Burnie is the biggest liar, player, cheater I have ever come across. He is on POF, and Tinder, and I’m.sure more sites. We dated on and off for 5 months. Gut feelings told me to beware. Indidnt listen to them tho. Constantly on his phone, sneaking away to make phone calls, telling me he loved me, just wanted me around to watch his kids while he would sneak away. Used me bc I have a car and would buy him beer and cigs. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is true. Horrible father, doesn’t support his kids but says he does!! He is a true sociopath. Beware!!! He will suck you in and tell you everything a woman needs to hear, only to be telling many other women the same!!!

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