Merry Tungka – California

Avoid doing business with this woman. She is a SCAMMER! She has no money, she doesn’t work at any of the places she claims, she didn’t go to the schools she claims, and I found out she is homeless; sleeping on her friends coaches when her sugar daddy isn’t in town. Don’t trust her Instagram and Facebook photos. She can’t afford anything or anywhere she goes! Men like me, have paid for everything and to top it off, she promises Fake Public Relation services that are not real! She wants you to take her out on a date (when she’s not hot & all her photos are photoshopped), and then she wants you to pay her for fake PR services! I called iHeart headquarters and they said they never heard of her. She is a fraud! I knew something wasn’t right when she emailed me a ghetto media kit in JPG! it was a photo! This chick hustled me and a lot of other guys for so much money for fake advertisement ads. She doesn’t work where she claims. I have tried to find her address to serve her to take her to court, and I found out she is homeless! She sleeps on sofas at friends homes when her Sugar Daddy isn’t around. What a ‘Daddy’ if he won’t put her in a place to live right? Maybe, because she is so ugly inside and out! He is probably married. Avoid this SCAMMER! She contacts wealthy men everyday for money! She is broke and refuses to make a honest living. The girl needs a reality check because she is 37 years old and broke. She needs to be stopped.

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